Out of scool club outline, dates and cost

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We will start each day exploring the woods and seeing which characters we can find lurking under logs, hiding in the trees or snuffling in the undergrowth!


Throw in some Theatre Games, Skill Building, Activities and plenty of Imagination and at the end of the day we will have a brand new Performance for family and friends to come and see!

Each day will be unique with not only new Characters, Stories and Games but we will also focus on different Theatre Techniques:

1. Mask Making

2. Puppet Making

3. Music Making

Outline of the day

* Introduction and Exploration

Drama games to warm up, build confidence, work as a team and explore the space.

* Character Creation

Find characters that live in the woods and build skills physically and vocally to reflect the animals/creatures both real and imaginary.

* Core Skill

Option of Mask Making, Puppet Making or Music Making for our chosen characters.

* Performance Creation

Using simple theatre techniques we will create a story all together for all of our characters. Then practice, practice!

* Performance

Parents come 20-30 minutes before the end to watch the performance.

Available Dates

* Tuesday 5 August 2014

* Wednesday 6 August 2014

* Thursday 7 August 2014

* Tuesday 12 August 2014

* Wednesday 13 August 2014

* Thursday 14 August 2014

How much does it cost?

The cost will be £20 per day
(9am-4pm – additional hours available on request).

Children can attend 1 day and have a full experience of creating a performance, or attending multiple days will enable them to gain different skills each day.