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Weekly Newsletter 12.04.19

Sensory Play

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This week in The Nest the children have been exploring sensory experiences through messy play. We mixed cornflour and water together to make a gloup consistancy and added a few drops of food colouring. The children selected the whiskes to mix all the colours together, and watched as the gloup changed coloures many times! We talked about the different colours we could see and the textures. It wasn't too long before whiskes and forks were discarded and the children used their hands (resulting in a few blue fingers!) The children were interested in the gloup for a period of time and contined to explore the changing consistancy of the cornflour. 

To recreate this at home mix 4 parts cornflour to 1 part water (food coloring optional!) Once dried  it is really easy to wipe down or brush up as it returns to powder form! 

Windy Weather

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As the hot week became cooler, the babies noticed the wind blowing the windmills in the garden. We looked at the leaves on the trees moving in the bresse, and the clouds being blown across the sky. The teachers demonsstrated how to blow the windmills to make them spin. All the children huffed and puffed and were pleased to see the effect this had.


We then used our bodies to spin around until we were all dizzy. The children were also given ribbons which they swirled in the air as they moved. Continuing the 'round and round' theme we encouraged the babies to make spiral marks in the sand tray using their fingers and sticks from the garden. 

Wet Weather Fun!

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The babies have been very interested in the puddles the wet weather has made in the garden, so we put on our splash suits and welly boots and went to the park for a puddle walk!We explored the environment by jumping, splashing and sitting in the puddle. The children really enjoyed singing as they jumped around! We also looked at wriggly worms, who were enjoying the rain as much as we were!



The children then enjoyed balancing, climbing and sliding in the playground before we returned to nursery for a well earned rest! 

Remembrance Day Craft!

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After a big interest in mark making and painting, for Remembrance Day we decided to make a giant poppy! We put down paper in a big tuff tray with red paint on plates scattered around. The children had a variety of mark making tools to choose from, such as paint brushes and sponges, however most opted to get stuck in and use their bodies! The children enjoyed painting themselves a little more than the paper(!) nevertheless we ended up with a lot of red paint everywhere! The children explored the paint as they spread it with their fingers, and some became more daring, covering their legs and arms. This activity provided a lot of sensory experiences for the children, as well as exploring with the marks they make. Once the painting had finished, some of the older children in the group were able to sprinkle poppy seeds and glitter over our picture, providing great use of our fine motor skills! This made a lovely finishing touch to our team effort, and the Children were very proud of what they had accomplished, eager to show others as they visited our room. Following this activity, we will be continuing with the theme of getting messy, exploring different tactile media such as flour, gloup, ice, etc. mixing things together and investigating!

Edible Paint

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Two of our favourite activities in the baby room are painting and tasting... So we thought- "let's combine the two" resulting in edible paint! 


2 x cups of cornflour

1 x cup of cold water

4.5 x cups of boiling water.

liquid food colouring.

We let the 'paint' cool, put aprons on, provided paintbrushes and toothbrushes as markmaking tools, and got stuck in for a 'hands on' sensory experience.

We smelt, touched, tasted [!] listened to squelchy sounds, and watched as the colours mixed and changed, resulting in some lovely colourful pictures for the babies to take home.

This activity provided an opportunity for all the children to get involved. They were able to:

* Mark make

* Stir, mix colours and combine materials

* Exercise gross/fine motor skills

As the mixture keeps for a day or so, it is an activity the children can return to- contributing to their deeper level learning.

Following a demonstration, some of the older chidren were able to predict what would happen when different colours were added.

A lovely extension to this tactile experience is natural yogurt mixed wth food colouring. Just don't forget to have a bowl of warm bubbley water to hand-which may prove just a interesting!