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Weekly Newsletter 12.04.19


Posted filed under Forest School


Posted filed under Forest School

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Peter Pan in the Wood

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This week at forest school one child has shown a particular interest in Peter Pan. We have had a wonderful week, using sweet chestnut leaves to make ‘lost boy’ headbands, using the fire sheet to make sparks to ward off the crocodile and using binoculars to reach for Captain Hook! We will continue to follow this interest (now shared amongst many children!) throughout next week.

Messy Pumpkin, Noisy Pumpkin!

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Last week the children in The Hive were kind enough to bring the children in The Nest a pumpkin back from the shop! This week the children have been investigating the pumpkin (It's the first time most of us have seen one!) 

One of the children held the pumpkin and spent some time feeling it and rolling it on the floor, before we cut the top off the pumpkin and explored the insides. Some of the children were unsure at first using, one finger to touch the seeds inside. We commented on the feel of the pumpkin as we continued to explore. 

Once we had scraped out the pumpkin we put it on to some paper were the children investigated further. One child decided to have a little taste, but quickly decided it didn't taste very nice!

 Once the children finished exploring the pumpkin, we put the seeds into a bottle. We demonstrated shaking the bottle to see what noise we could hear. The children then spent several minutes, shaking, banging and moving the bottle around independently.

The Holly Bush Shop

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In the woods this week the children have discovered a natural den in an open area of a holly bush. The children decided they wanted to use this as a shop! Helping each other, they cleared fallen leaves away using rakes and spades.

They put the leaves into a wheelbarrow to take them away. In the holly bush den there is a fallen branch that the children stood behind. Some children were selling, and the others did the buying! The children used acorns as money and called it 'cornies'! Thursday morning's group decided to sell chocolate cake for 5 cornies! 

'PJ' Masks!

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On our walk to the woods the children found some huge leaves! They meaured the leaves against each others to see whose was the biggest. One child realised the leaf was bigger than their face! "It's like PJ masks" a child commented. We collected lots of gigantic leaves and used sticks and our fingers to make holes in the leaves for our eyes!