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Camouflaging in the Woods


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Camouflaging in the Woods

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The rainy weather this week has made the woods a really exciting place to be, we have found lots of puddles to jump in, have taken showers under holly bushes and found shelter under beech umbrellas! the children have seen how our outside environment changes in the rain, noticing that the trees and shrubs are growing and that the leaves on them look fresh, clean and new. Of course we got very muddy - as expected!
On our walk the children noticed a small brown insect on a stick the same colour, this prompted a conversation about camouflage and what the children think that could mean. We explained to the children that camouflage helps many animals avoid detection by predators or prey because it allows them to blend in to their natural environments. Camouflage means that colours, designs, or patterns on an animal’s body or the shapes of its body parts are similar to the colours, designs, patterns, or shapes in the background. We were soon noticing black beetles in the dark soil and caterpillars dangling amongst the beech leaves.
The children quickly got the idea and began to camouflage themselves, hiding in colours that matched their clothes, they found it hilarious that we just couldn't see them when they were in the green grass with their high visibility vests on!!!
At home play a game of hide-and-seek. Once everyone has had a turn as seeker, talk about what made it easy or hard to find someone. Ask questions like “Did the colour of the clothes you were wearing make a difference?” and make comments like “I don’t think I would have noticed you except I saw your red shirt sticking out.” Have a go at creating a habitat for a small insect, encourage your child to think about how the insect can stay safe and what it needs.