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Mixing Colours


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Mixing Colours

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This week the children in the Toddler Room have really enjoyed painting and mixing colours together! We have experimented with watered down paint in spray bottles. Teachers demonstrated how to use the spray bottles and the children quickly got the hang of it and we're ready to go. We gave the children some simple rules and directions about where they could spray the paint and everybody was able to listen well, taking turns and discussing what we thought might happen when we sprayed white paint on top of the purple paint. The children watched as the white run into the purple and then drip onto the floor, leaving marks and dots on the floor!

One child added paint to the water tray, turning the water purple! Another fetched a bowl and sprayed paint into it "I'm putting it in the bowl!" After a while, and a lot of exploring and experimenting, the children began using their hands and making handprints all around the garden. One child held a container whilst another child sprayed the paint into it, they then investigated the paint they had sprayed into the container before pouring it onto the paper!