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Preparing for School

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That time of year is apon us again. It’s nearly time for school! Although this is a very exciting time in a child’s life it can also be a nervous and thought provoking one for both parents and children. As teachers it is always a bitter sweet moment – saying goodbye to your little babies at the same time as being in awe of how they have grown over the years. At Croft Corner we like the children to feel as ready as possible for that big jump between nursery and reception. Throughout the year the pre-schoolers have been going on trips to Dobcroft School (one of our biggest feeder schools) to make them feel comfortable and at home in the surroundings. We were lucky enough to be invited to Dobcroft’s Christmas Concert and the Easter Bonnet Parade. Not only did we get to meet some old friends from Croft Corner but the visits helped show the preschoolers what fun things they will get to experience from September. The Reception teachers even came to visit us at nursery to get to meet the children and find out a little bit more about them. 

At nursery we have been preparing for this transition by reading a few stories about starting school, dressing up in old school uniforms and starting a creative project entitled ‘What we learnt along the way’ which is based around the idea of children sharing their most loved memories of nursery. So far all the children are really looking forward to school but are truly excited for the School Leavers Concert and Party which will take place in July. 


Transition times can be stressful on all involved in the process so here are our top tips: 

1. Give information to your child. They might be interested to know what the school is called, who else might be going there, what does the uniform look like etc. 

2. Help prepare a timescale for your child so they understand when they will be going to ‘big school’. For e.g. “Well you are 3 now. At your next birthday you will be 4. When we turn 4 years old we go to big school, but that’s not for a while yet”. 

3. Read stories about making new friends or first day of school at home but try not to do it before sleep time as it may cause worry or anxiety. Rather read them together when you have time to discuss any questions or queries that may arise from the stories. 

4. If possible look at pictures of the school, teachers, peers, classrooms at home. This helps the child become familiar with the surroundings and gives them an idea of what they might expect from school. 

5. Try not to use school as a threat. “You are a big boy now. The teachers won’t let you do that/say that/play like that at school. 

6. Try to not let your own anxieties about your child starting school come through to them. Children are very quick to pick up on emotions. Rather try to let your enthusiasm shine through and your child will soon see school through the same eyes.