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Exploring shapes!

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This week the children have being showing an interest in shapes, choosing a variety of different shape blocks during play. We decided to explore shapes using a light box! We used the sensory blocks, which are all different shapes and colours. We turned off all the lights and switched the light box on. The children chose a variety of ways to explore the light box and the shapes. Some children enjoyed looking through the opaque shapes "I can see you!" one commented. "What's this?" another enqired, turning the shape around and pointing to the coloured sand moving around inside the shape. Other shapes have liqid inside and we watched as it 'swished' around. Another had beads in, which ratled as it was tipped and shaken. One child made a tower using the blocks, balancing them carefully, and others decided to bang them together, we enjoyed the noise that made!

The children really enjoyed exploring with the shapes, as well as the sensory experiences that were provided by the light box and different tacties inside the blocks. This activity also provided an excellent opportunity to talk about the different colours and shapes the children could see, and how we could change them using other blocks and the light box to reflect other colours. We will be continuing to explore the children's interest in shapes in the environment, commenting on shapes we see and encouraging the children to actively talk about the shapes they can see during the course of the day.