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Spring Chicks

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In the hall we have been looking at lifecycles and the care of living things in the environment. After working on the story of 'The Hen' the children made their own life cycle flash cards and acted out the story with their friends. In the group room the children also helped to prepare for the arrival of the chicken eggs, setting up the incubator and carefully placing the eggs inside. We talked about what would happen with the eggs and the children were given the opportunity to observe the eggs daily to see if there were any changes. We counted each day to see how many days it took for the eggs to hatch. We counted up to 21(!) before the first chick arrived, and three followed the next day, some children managed to see a couple of the chicks hatch - it took a long time and we all had to be very patient, but it was worth it!

Once the chicks had arrived we spoke about the changes we saw, and have enjoyed holding the chicks and describing how they feel and look, here are some of the things they said... 

"They are soft"

"Their feet are a bit itchy"

"They're pecking!"

The pre-school children were very caring towards the chicks and spoke about using quiet voices, as not to scare the chicks, and being very gentle when holding them. Some children spoke about what the chicks might eat, and thought the bird food looked a bit funny! The children decided that they didn't think they would like to eat the bird food! When holding the chicks they became a little bit lively and the children commented on what they were doing...

"It's walking on my arm!"

"Look! It's on my knee!"

"It's tickling me!"

The chicks even prompted one child to think about what they might do when they're older. "I want to be a vet, I love the chicks!" they said.