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Dragon in the Woods


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Dragon in the Woods

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The Dragon in the Woods

This short story was created by scribing what our wonderfully talented children said about the dragon in the woods! Story scribing (where you write down exactly what the child says when telling a story) is a really important way to show children that spoken words can be transferred to paper. It helps them to make sense of why writing is important.

“I don’t know why the dragon came here”                          

“What’s happened to his mouth?”                                

“He’s rock hard”                                                   

“He’s got loads of holes, look”                                     

“The moss is not on his back now”                                     

“Is it a triceratops? Maybe that’s the front of his hair”


“This is my sleeping ship”

“Maybe this dragons sleeping so much it turned to stone”

“When I touch his eye he doesn’t wake up”

“He’s not sleepy”

“He’s not a sleeping dragon anymore he’s a water dragon”

“Now he’s a fire dragon”

“It could breathe fire at the witch”

“He’s a breathing fire dragon”

“It’s an earth dragon isn’t it?”

“Do you know what an earth dragon is?”

“It’s a log dragon”

“It’s a digging dragon”


“He likes me”

“He might be my best friend”

“He likes me”

“He likes me”


“He’s a climbing dragon”

“I could climb but me too scared”

“The dragon’s coming after me!”

 “He waked up! Let’s run away, let's run away!"