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Croft Corner Post Office is Open for the Festive Season!


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Croft Corner Post Office is Open for the Festive Season!

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Christmas has been the talk of the nursery over the last few weeks and in the Hall we decided to turn our wicker den into a Post Office. We set up a table, till, presents, weighing scales and some envelopes and let the children explore the area and follow their lead. Soon the Post Office was buzzing with busy hands both working behind the till and some bringing letters and parcels to be weighed and sent. We practiced our writing skills by creating signs for the Post office and  put some real pennies in the till to explore mathematical language and communicating with the ‘customers’.


Some children wanted to write letters to their mums and dads, and a few even sent Santa a long gift list. It was lovely to see some of the mark making that spontaneously happened in the post office and the children really engaged imaginatively with the resources, extending play and communicating within different peer groups.


Our Post Office has now expanded outside and has taken on the form as a Santa's Grotto. The children have really enjoyed this project and it is wonderful to see mark making happening spontaneously within the nursery environment.


Top Tips for Encouraging Mark Making at Home:

  • let your child watch you write. 
  • Make shopping lists
  • Leave clipboards, pens and paper around the house to encourage spontaneous writing.
  • Let children write their name and small captions to give meaning to their mark making.
  • Write letters to family members (everyone loves to recieve a letter)
  • Send Postcards.