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We are Learning to Use Tools

Posted filed under Forest School

Over the first half term at Forest School we spent time introduucing the children to different aspects of the woods using their senses, they started a journey in self awareness and began to build trust within their groups of children and adults. Folllowing this the children were ready to move on, being gradually introduced to controlled risk and challenge. So.....

                                            we learned how to use a bow saw!

We spoke to the children about how to use the saw safely using the Forest School method. The children were really enthusiastic to 'have a go' and were brilliant at staying safe and turn taking. It was fantastic to see their astonishment as their wooden disc fell from the log to cries of "look what I did".

As welll as a new experience for the children they were able to practice hand/eye coordination and to work as part of a small team to achieve a shared outcome. The children were interested to learn that their furniture at home may have once started life as a log!!!!!

We were able to boost everyones self esteem with this activity, increasing independence and confidence. (Even our parent volunteers joined in for the 'feel good factor')