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Remembrance Day Craft!


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Remembrance Day Craft!

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After a big interest in mark making and painting, for Remembrance Day we decided to make a giant poppy! We put down paper in a big tuff tray with red paint on plates scattered around. The children had a variety of mark making tools to choose from, such as paint brushes and sponges, however most opted to get stuck in and use their bodies! The children enjoyed painting themselves a little more than the paper(!) nevertheless we ended up with a lot of red paint everywhere! The children explored the paint as they spread it with their fingers, and some became more daring, covering their legs and arms. This activity provided a lot of sensory experiences for the children, as well as exploring with the marks they make. Once the painting had finished, some of the older children in the group were able to sprinkle poppy seeds and glitter over our picture, providing great use of our fine motor skills! This made a lovely finishing touch to our team effort, and the Children were very proud of what they had accomplished, eager to show others as they visited our room. Following this activity, we will be continuing with the theme of getting messy, exploring different tactile media such as flour, gloup, ice, etc. mixing things together and investigating!