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Investigating ice


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Investigating ice

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As the weather is becoming colder and Halloween is nearly here we decided to explore Halloween shaped and coloured ice.

We placed the ice onto a tray and the children explored touching and sliding them around the tray,"cold" one child exclaimed then pointed to the witches hat."Hat, what's that" he asked picking up the mummy shaped ice and a member of staff explains. He drops the ice and little flakes of ice chipped off and a couple of the children pick these up and begin to mark make on the top of the table and in doing so notice that their fingers are turning red from the food colouring. A child joins the group, fetching a shopping basket with him and begins to fill the basket with ice, a peer joins in and when all the ice is in the basket they tip it back onto the tray. Another child uses the lid off a box to mark make on. The ice was steadily melting so after a while we decided to add it to the water tray and continued to explore as the ice turned the water red, which then became fun to fill, empty and squirt water as bottles were added.

The children really enjoyed this activity and it gave them chance to explore textures and talk about the changes that happened as the ice melted as well as using physical dexterity and working out problems - how to squirt the bottles.

We think the children will really enjoy more investigative texture play, we are therefore planning an activity to extend texture play using squirty pump dispensers with a variety of contents to touch, mix and smell.