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Edible Paint

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Two of our favourite activities in the baby room are painting and tasting... So we thought- "let's combine the two" resulting in edible paint! 


2 x cups of cornflour

1 x cup of cold water

4.5 x cups of boiling water.

liquid food colouring.

We let the 'paint' cool, put aprons on, provided paintbrushes and toothbrushes as markmaking tools, and got stuck in for a 'hands on' sensory experience.

We smelt, touched, tasted [!] listened to squelchy sounds, and watched as the colours mixed and changed, resulting in some lovely colourful pictures for the babies to take home.

This activity provided an opportunity for all the children to get involved. They were able to:

* Mark make

* Stir, mix colours and combine materials

* Exercise gross/fine motor skills

As the mixture keeps for a day or so, it is an activity the children can return to- contributing to their deeper level learning.

Following a demonstration, some of the older chidren were able to predict what would happen when different colours were added.

A lovely extension to this tactile experience is natural yogurt mixed wth food colouring. Just don't forget to have a bowl of warm bubbley water to hand-which may prove just a interesting!