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Exploring Textures

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Now as you know, we like to get the children messy at Croft Corner and this week we have been having lots of fun playing with gloop. If you haven't heard of gloop it’s a mixture of cornflour and water and we added custard powder in for an extra sensory experience.

The children have loved this fun sensory experience and we saw lots of deep level learning! When children are developing, learning through their senses is a very important way for them to learn how things are different. Gloop, for example, will drip and pour like a liquid but you can also form it into a solid ball so it is fascinating to children.

One little boy squealed with delight when a solid ball of gloop could be seen “disappearing” into the tray. Another wanted to feed his dinosaur the gloop and had to do some critical thinking to work out how to get his dinosaur out when we realised it was stuck!

Our flexible routine in the room allows for children to become absorbed in what they are doing and it was so rewarding to see a little boy play with the gloop for over an hour uninterrupted. He was able to become fully immersed in his learning and it was our role as Early Years Practitioners to support and extend his learning (more on how we do that next time!!)


If you want to try it at home, it’s really easy to make, you just need a bowl and add cornflour with a little water and mix, adding water until you get a smooth consistency. It can get quite messy but unlike paint it is very easy to tidy up! 

Over the coming weeks we will be continuing to introduce the children to different messy play activities. We are always looking for new ideas so if you have any you would like to share then please do. This link has lots of ideas and hopefully we can try them out