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Croft Corner Airport is Open


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Croft Corner Airport is Open

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With the return of the sunny weather this week at Croft Corner we have had lots of talk about holidays! Some children returned from their holiday last week full of tales of adventure; swimming without armbands and flying on an aeroplane!


We decided to follow this interest and set up an airport in the role play area of the room and explore the theme of transport. This ranged from water train tracks and making tickets in the mark making area to lining up all the chairs in nursery to make a bus which the children decided to do without any adult leading. This picture shows some of our boys making train tracks and tunnels, which encouraged cooperation, mark making and creativity.

With role play at Croft Corner we encourage the children to run with their imagination, extending play by providing resources for them to make their own props which allow them to share their experiences with others. Occasionally the children may start with one theme or storyline and many hours later have developed that into something completely different while being absorbed in their play. Having the room as free flow with the doors open really compliments this play as often children will run in and out getting what they want and taking it outside to enhance what they are doing.

Another way we have followed the theme of transport is using tills so the children can buy tickets they have created for their travels. This allows them to use mathematical language in everyday conversations and begin to build up an idea of how money is used in exchange for things.


The children have responded enthusiastically to these activities and is evident in the spontaneous play we observe the children doing. Spontaneous play is when a child or group of children are doing an activity or game they have initiated, we then respond to this by providing props or equipment that helps them carry on their activity further.

Every week we look at the children's next steps that we have observed, their interests and our medium term planning to enhance the nursery in all areas and ensure the children are getting a continuous learning experience.