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Forest School Nursery Fun

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The wilder weather seems to be behind us and summer has finally arrived! Children have been observing the changes that have been occurring in the woods over the past couple of months such as the bluebells blooming, the new bright green leaves and the variety of insects which the new vegetation has attracted

The sweet chestnut group have continued to enjoy exploring the woodland and this week they found a secret stream! One of the children spotted a tree that had fallen across the stream and suggested that we use it as a bridge to cross the stream. This provided an excellent opportunity for children to develop their gross motor skills as they carefully walked across the tree trunk. The children felt a huge sense of achievement they had crossed the stream encouraging a sense of self confidence and risk taking.

Ecclesall woods provides many opportunities for children to practise their balancing and risk taking skills for example climbing the stumps of the fallen trees and jumping into the little streams and brooks that run thoroughout the woodlands

Even though the weather is getting warmer the temperature under the woodland canopy can be much lower. Therefore, can you please ensure that your child brings a light waterproof coat with them to the woods and to prevent any scratches or midge bites can they wear a light long sleeve top and trousers on their woods day