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At Croft Corner, our highest priority is for our children to be safe and to feel happy and secure. When a new child starts, they are allocated a key person who makes a special relationship with them and their family. We know that children learn best when they feel safe and when they are being supported by adults who know them well. When children arrive at nursery, their parent or carer takes them to their key person to share information on a daily basis.

We provide exciting and stimulating activities and resources for children to access through free choice. Our skilled practitioners support children in their play and plan activities based on their individual learning needs and their current interests and fascinations.

Our children develop confidence and independence by learning through play and enjoy challenges in the environment. We recognise that the outside environment is as important for learning as inside and we provide a free flow from inside to outside in all weathers.

Our practitioners are constantly reflective and strive at all times to develop and improve practice by working in partnership with the children and their families.

Parent Testimonials 

"We both really value the truly outstanding and uunqantifiable bits that we know M has enjoyed during his time at Croft Corner like the cuddles and changes of clothes, endless searching for lost property and above all the boundless enthusiasm. We both value all of the time and energy that we know goes into the parents evenings, family socials and contact home that we can rely on from all of your amazing staff."

"We came for our first today. We stayed for 2 hours and E seemed to really enjoy it. I also felt so comfortable with how amazing your staff were with her. I never thought I would have felt I could have left her there and then. Such a great place. Thank you very much and we look forward to out next visit."

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